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Master Percussion Productions Presents


Orchestra Son Montuno

The Hispanic Festival Down Town St. Louis Mo. Sept 16, 2011

Share Herman was raised in a musical environment. Herman Jr. learned his Caribbean Music, and different types of Caribbean Rhythms at their native land, Puerto Rico. He has a lot of experiences in the Latin Musical environment, also they are excellent Latin Percussionists and very well known in their native land, Puerto Rico, because of their excellence performance with well known Musician, Singers and Latin Bands during their Musical Career. Right now, Herman Jr, formed a Latin Jazz Band, called ORQUESTA SON MONTUNO & NITRO LATIN JAZZ BAND For any information about Latin Events, DJ & Sound Services, Night Clubs.

Herman Jr. 314-518-2066.


1.Salsa Rhythm: is a diverse & predominantly Caribbean Rhythm & dance that is popular in many Latin Countries. The word is the same as the Salsa, meaning sauce. Salsas roots can be traced back to the African

ancestors that were brought to the Caribbean by the Spanish As slaves. In Africa, it is very common to fine people playing music with instruments like the Bongos, Conga and Timbales, instruments commonly

used in Salsa Rhythm.

2.Merengue Rhythm: is a type of lively, joyful music and dance that comes from the Dominican Republic. Merengue means whipped egg whites & sugar, just as it does in the English language.

3.Cha-Cha-Cha Rhythm: is a Latin American Dance & style of music derived from the Rumba & Mambo in 4/4 meter.

4.Bachata Rhythm: is a form of music & dance that originated in the countryside & rural marginal neighborhood of the Dominican Republic.

Its Subjects are usually Romantic, especially prevalent are tales of heartbreaks. The music is in 4/4. it is influenced by Rumba, Bolero & Son, while remaining of distinctive sound.

5.Cumbia Rhythm: is the net intersection of three cultures that settled in Colombia at different times: indigenous peoples, Spanish/Moorish & African slaves. Cumbia is very popular in all of South America, & there

are lots of different flavors of it. The origins of Cumbia are African music & possibly Guinean cumbe The basic meter of the music is 4/4.

6.Plena Rhythm: is an important genre of folk music in Puerto Rico and typically associated with coastal regions of the island.The plan is a narrative song that details the pains and ironies of people and life in

their communities.

7.Latin Jazz Rhythm: is the fusion of African and/or indigenous rhythms from the entire Latin American Diaspora with the language of Jazz.Latin

Jazz is mainly instrument hybrid music defined by more progressive Jazz harmonies used in and around its corresponding rhythmic structure arrangements, combined with an exuberant amount of improvisation, and fused with African based rhythms that continue to develop from the entire Latin American Diaspora.

To recap on the characteristics of Latin Jazz:

1) mainly instrument hybrid music

2) contains progressive Jazz harmonies used in and around it corresponding rhythmic structural arrangement.

3) contains African based rhythms that continue to develop from the entire Latin American Diaspora

4) allows for the execution of much improvisation using the Jazz cabulary within the framework and construct of each arrangement

These are some of the Basic Latin Rhythms in which Herman performs.

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Thank You,

Master Percussion Productions

Herman Semidey Jr.

Now you could Purchase Herman's recent New Nitro Latin Jazz CD "Ritmo Sabroso thru CD Baby Click onto this link:

Here are some links in which Herman has been involved with his Music Business Show around St. Louis Mo. & Mid West Regions. Check it out & send me a Feed Back Thanks

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